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Service Advisor Advice from Steve Shaw [RR 586]
Episode 5866th November 2020 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Steven E. Shaw is a Professional Speaker and Trainer. Mr. Shaw holds various educational accomplishments including an MBA and PhD. Steven has trained thousands of service personnel.

Steve provides tools to allow the customer to BUY. Steve has created the ultimate service advisor-training program that is being used in dealerships worldwide. Whether it is the entry-level express advisor to the veteran service consultant, Steven has proven to get results. These results always drive Customer Repair Order Performance and Service Advisor Paychecks.

Prior to COVID Steve hosted Service Advisor Training in locations across the United States. Now Steve has pioneered LIVE-Online Training from his Virtual Studio. Mr. Steven Shaw is hands down an automotive expert and an inspiring speaker for the automotive industry.

Find out more about Steve at and He can be reached via email at

Key Talking Points:

  • “Tool guy” if you follow the tools and training you will sell more 
  • Once you have a customer, they choose you, then they are your customer- not competition between shops or dealerships. They are YOUR customer to lose.    
  • Customers buy more when they are satisfied with shops performance and they trust 
  • Words with people- right words at the right time to retain customersNever use the word “recommendation” because it puts you in the category as a salesperson- customers distrust anyone’s “recommendation”
  • Never use the word “should”- should is actually a command when oftentimes it seems like an option. Being told what to do is a turnoff and customers will resist on what they “should do.”   
  • Instead, present the facts and truth- pass or fail parts in the vehicle. Fail the standards and are no longer safe to operate. “Your brakes are bad and we recommend you replace them” vs “Your brakes have failed our inspection today.” Either green or red, no yellow in between based on standards. And let customers know what is “important or require attention.” 
  • Why customers buyFear of losing money- “I'm afraid if I don't buy it’ll cost me more money” 70% of people buy based on fear of loss  
  • Hope for gain- “I hope I get something in return” value in what you provide   
  • Customers know their budget- shifting the burden of importance 
  • Handling objections- consequence for not buying is what makes a customer buy 
  • “Value gets customers into the shop, the need is what gets them to buy.”
  • Selling more maintenance Using the phrase “minimum requirement”- keep the vehicle in compliance
  • Selling more tiresTires either pass or fail, let customers know the next time they come in their tires will fail standards- 70% of customers buy from the first person that tells them they need new tires. Ask the customer if they would like an alignment- simple and profitable


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