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Snake Oils & All The Mustards
Episode 1710th August 2022 • No Stupid Answers • S Rank Media
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Questions This Episode:

  1. When did it become so common that these billion dollar corporations keep asking to round up for them? Do they report these “donations” as profits or actually donate 100% of the round ups? (01:01)
  2. What is the “snake oil” of today? (12:05)
  3. It's 2022, why am I seeing so many mullets? (28:16)
  4. Lunch Theft, can anyone help me understand the concept of lunch theft in the workplace? (33:35)
  5. France is running out of mustard. No, seriously. (45:21)

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Article: Office lunch theft goes viral

Article: France's most famous condiment is running out

Video: Grey Poupon Commercial

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