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ParentEd - Focus on the Family Singapore EPISODE 27, 11th March 2021
I Don't Have to Be Wonder Woman

I Don't Have to Be Wonder Woman

This month, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, we are turning the spotlight on women and womanhood.  

In our modern society, a lot have been said about the role of women in society, in family, and with that, the perceived idea of “having it all”.

On social media, we may often see stylish moms with great careers and beautiful families, and feel a sense of “Insta-envy” at how wonderful their lives are and there can be a very real sense of expectation and comparison.

In this episode, our host, Aaron Ng, chats with Jennifer Heng (Director, Safe Place & Author, Walking Out of Secret Shame) and her husband, John Heng, on the multiple roles of a woman. What are some expectations women have on themselves? Is it realistic for women to be "wonderful" in all that they do? What are some practical things husbands can do to support their wives?

Jennifer was a recipient of The Great Women of our Time Awards, and she advocates for women and families with unsupported pregnancies to make life-giving choices. You can partner and support her team at Safe Place here.

Jennifer and John have been married for 19 years, and are parents of a 10 year old daughter, Alexis.

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