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Important Trends in the Pet Industry with Sean Conlon
Episode 34th January 2023 • The Pet Industry Podcast • BSM Partners
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In this episode, Dr. Megan Sprinkle and Steve Cauthren speak with Sean Conlon, the co-founder of Nashies Dog Treats.  During their interview, they talk about Sean’s early adventures in entrepreneurship, how Sean got into the Pet Industry, and how a simple question sparked the idea for Nashies Dog Treats.

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Show Notes:

(01:26) What started Sean’s entrepreneurial journey

(03:41) How Sean met his wife

(05:07) How Sean found his business partner

(06:14) How a pivotal moment changed Sean and Christina’s life

(09:20)  Adventures in volunteering

(11:02) Leaving the wedding venue business for the human food industry

(13:02)  Thrive Food enters the pet industry

(15:06)  How Nashies Dog Treats was born

(16:27)  Why Nashies dog treats took off

(17:47)  What trends does Sean see for the pet industry?

(19:05)  The importance of future casting.

(21:23)  Why the process is more important than the end result

(22:36)  How self-work revealed opportunities for self-improvement

(23:41)  What tool Sean uses to help find personal blind spots




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