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The Italian Rebirth part 1
Episode 213th December 2021 • The History Of European Theatre • Philip Rowe
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Episode 65

The development of tragedy and comedy in early Italian renaissance theatre happened on parallel paths as each struggeled to look forward rather than back.

The development of Tragedy following the rediscovery of the plays of Sophocles.

The continuing influence of Aristotle and Seneca.

Playwrights Giovani Trissino and Giovanni Giraldi (aka Cinthio)

The court at Ferrara and bloody tragedy

Other notable tragedians from the period.

The development of comedy as 'Comedy Erudite' and the continuing influence of Terence and Plautus

The court at Ferrara and a new form of comedy

Three great comic writers: Lodovico Ariosto, Niccolo Machiavelli and Pietro Aretino

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