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Justin Anthony of Artwork Archive: The Co-Founder Helping Artists Get Organized
Episode 2067th February 2023 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Organization and management are important skills in a professional artist’s toolkit. In fact, organization is such an important part of being a successful artist that today’s guest has built an entire career around it. 

On today’s podcast episode, NOT REAL ART founder and host Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Artwork Archive co-founder Justin Anthony to discuss the platform’s mission to give artists, collectors, and organizations a better way to manage their art. Now over a decade strong, Artwork Archive provides a cloud database and inventory system for thousands of creative people and organizations in over 130 countries. “The three original tiers [of Artwork Archive were] get organized, manage your business, and share your art with the world, so those are the three things we have continued to double down on,” Justin tells us. 

A small company based in Denver, Artwork Archive works closely with their core client base to develop a system intuitive enough for emerging artists and powerful enough for complex organizations managing global collections. Justin gives us the scoop on Artwork Archive’s origin story, discusses their commitment to education, and shares his view on professional success: “If your ultimate goal is to put these wonderful [artworks] out in the world, I do think having some business savvy facilitates not just your creative process but your ability to grow.”

Scott and Justin also reflect on some paths artists can take to diversify and monetize their practice, and why mainstream or commercial work should be destigmatized. Whether you’re a lean, mean organization like NOT REAL ART or an emerging artist desperately searching for a way to manage your growing body of work, our interview with Justin Anthony is sure to spark your imagination. Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about how Artwork Archive is arming artists with the tools they need to succeed.

On Today’s Podcast Episode

Justin Anthony and Scott Power discuss…

  • Artwork Archive’s origin story and mission 
  • How Justin and his business partner manage Artwork Archive’s explosive growth
  • Some of the “unsexy” things that are critical for driving an artist’s success
  • Why a basic understanding of business is critical for contemporary artists
  • How “selling out” can drive your practice forward without diminishing your body of work
  • The benefits of creating smaller, limited-edition prints of your original work
  • How artists, collectors, and organizations can manage their work with Artwork Archive’s robust inventory system
  • Why artists should never underestimate the power of their personal story
  • The recent obsession with digital art and NFTs: friend or FOMO?

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