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Building an international sequence library under the Nagoya Protocol with Basecamp Research
Episode 179th June 2022 • BioInnovation Spotlight • c/o LifeScience Connect Ltd
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Since 2014, the Nagoya Protocol has protected the intellectual property of genome sequences by ensuring their countries of origin are entitled to full ownership. Rather than triggering a wave of global genome sequencing and licensing deals, the Protocol seems to have done the opposite - genome exploration for the bio-industry has been stymied for fear of getting bogged down in red tape and legal issues.

One company aims to change this. Basecamp Research, co-founded by long-time friends Dr Glen Gowers and Dr Oliver Vince, was established to work with the Nagoya Protocol. They aim to build a massive sequencing library that will not only help bio-businesses and researchers gain new insights but also help biodiversity guardians in their conservation work.

In this episode of BioInnovation Spotlight, we talk to Glen and Ollie about their unique business model, how they get around the legal minefield of an international treaty, and their method of managing as co-founders, co-CEOs, and friends.