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Wild Leadership - developing business leaders in Nature (with Nigel Berman)
2nd July 2021 • The Sacred Wild Podcast • Krish Surroy
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If you are like me, when you hear phrases like leadership, change management and team building, you think offices or other concrete boxes, not the forest. Yet, the pandemic has driven most of us out of offices...and into Nature.

Nigel Berman founded the School of the Wild in Sussex originally as a way to help himself and others reconnect with nature. However, pretty soon he started taking companies and leaders into the woods and discovered that profound progress and transformation happens quite 'naturally'.

In this episode we talk about how leadership is changing, and how Nature really is the best container for transformation, collaboration and relatedness in business.

Nigel is very humble when he talks about his journey and the shift of focus. However, what is clear is that he is intensely curious and open to learning, which for me has been the key to his success. Imagine just how much better business would be if it was conducted in the forest!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How teams can reconnnect by just sitting around a fire
  • Synthesising spirituality into modern life
  • How to create a business that takes you to all the places you love to hang out
  • Using a limited selection of senses to connect with nature
  • How using nature as a container can facilitate change and development
  • How connecting with nature together can lead to different paths and outcomes
  • Remembering that it’s not all about US
  • Connecting with your vulnerability - as a man

About this week's guest:

Nigel Berman founded School of the Wild to combine a love of being in nature with experiences that bring teams and organisations together. Nigel is passionate about meaningful conversations that inspire change and has facilitated team and leadership sessions for a variety of digital agencies, NGO's and corporates. Nigel has spent 25 years leading businesses that communicate different ways of seeing the world. School of the Wild is his way of doing more to help fix the relationship between people and the planet.

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