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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant TRAILER, 2nd September 2018
Welcome to Causepods
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Welcome to Causepods

Welcome to Causepods. I’m your host Mathew Passy and I am delighted to be launching this passion project aimed at raising awareness, and some funds, for those using podcasts purely for a good cause.

Each week, I’ll highlight a new show, what positive change they are looking to make in the world, and why podcasting is an effective medium for their story. If you like what they are doing, please consider checking out the shownotes for each episode to find a link to their episode and a way to support their efforts.

And if you’re a podcaster making a difference in the world, please take a few moments to fill out the Causepods Form. I am always looking for people who are using podcast as a way to make a positive impact in their local community, country, or the world as a whole.