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Raise Your Frequency Through Acoustic Alchemy with Renee LeBeau
Episode 6431st January 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Sam talk to Renee LeBeau about the Acoustic Alchemy, the power of sound on cellular healing, raising your vibration and so much more!

Renee LeBeau is an Acoustic Alchemist creating vast soundscapes as a direct conduit of Creation. She was born with hearing beyond the 5 senses and an oracular connection to Universal intelligence and unseen realms.  Her life path would include playing guitar, percussion and singing.  In 2006, she discovered the magic of Tibetan singing bowls and began creating sound events and collaborations. In 2008, Renee expanded her events with new Instruments and she toured both in and out of the US until 2019. Renee’s band, Ahkana Acoustics, is a multi-dimensional aspect of sound, light, geometry and language.  A coherent field that is formless, fluid and aligned with the Heart of Creation.  Every offering catalyzes an inner quantum reality shift.  As an embodied conduit of this stream, Renee’s commitment is to activate this awareness; the dance of being and becoming in a seamless spiral. Ahkana Acoustics has released 6 albums and 2 dvds that offer a variety of acoustic transmissions. 

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