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Nothing Gold Can Stay and other poems by Robert Frost
Episode 9813th September 2021 • Dark Softly Tales • Mav Skye
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Silence is like a canvas for sound to glide across, and no one shows this better than Robert Frost’s dark, moody prose where wind calls to window flowers, dead leaves creep along the forest floor amongst graves. Eventually we end up where death has pressed his cold fingers, and a couple have a difficult conversation about grief and the death of their firstborn. Finally, we land back in the darkest hour in a quiet forest, where Frost infamously reminds us about promises to keep.

Frost’s poems are placed in order for a specific, theatrical affect.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Wind and the Window Flower

Ghost House


Home Burial

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Music: Frozen Tears by Calm Shores

Welcome to the Dark Softly Tales Summer Bite series, our theme this year is silence. The summer kicks off in Episode 88. Tune in every week where we bring you bite size pieces of fiction under the silence of a summer sun. 

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