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Business Growth & Selling Tips for Ambitious Accountants
Episode 1665th August 2021 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Nevil Tynemouth runs New Results to professional services organisations improve their selling and business development activities. This covers engaging, winning and developing clients plus becoming confident and competent in selling and business development. This involves maximising relationships, becoming the trusted adviser and building trust with new and existing clients. He was involved in launching two of the UK’s most familiar brands in Dyson and BlackBerry, and has worked as part of FTSE100 companies management teams for over a decade and in sales for 25 years. He is the author of “Sales Success on LinkedIn” and is recognised as an excellent facilitator, bringing new ideas, methods and approaches to life for those he works with. Inspiring business owners, partners, directors and their teams with real world practical tools to help their selling and business development activity. Selected shownotes:
  • The key difference between sales, marketing and business development for accountants
  • Why service professionals don't like words like sales and selling, and how to overcome this
  • How sales has changed over the years with technology but not with relationships
  • Why buyers of professional services are so much more educated now than before
  • What accountants must do to relate better to prospects buying their services
  • The one thing many accountants miss when communicating value to their clients
  • The biggest quality that separated the great accountants from the good or average ones
  • How coachable accounting professionals are and what helps improve their skills to win work
  • Why everyone in an accountancy firm has some responsibility to do business development
  • The vital role of accounting firm leadership in defining what good looks like in winning work
  • The single biggest challenge accountancy practices struggle with if they want to grow
  • What those accounting firms who are winning good business are doing really well right now
  • The old-fashioned approach that works best for accountants to develop new business opportunities
  • The scripts vz frameworks dilemma for accountants when phrasing sales and BD questions
  • The mistake most accounting professionals make when asking for referrals
  • A brilliant strategy to help accountants save huge amounts of time with proposals and pitches
  • How accountants can overcome a lack of time to do business development in their firm
  • The importance of quarterly business development plans for accountants
  • The difference between new clients and more business from existing clients for accountants
  • The one thing accountancy leaders can do to bring more business for their accounting firm.
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