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Episode 1: RCMP Divisional Sergeant Major Seb Lavoie (Ret).
Episode 12nd February 2022 • Under Reserve • Dan Coles
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Sebastien Lavoie was a police officer with the RCMP for over 20 years. Born and raised in Quebec, Seb spent a few years in the Canadian Armed Forces, pre-9/11, before joining the national police force.

Seb's career revolved around the Mounties' specialized and elite units: first as an in flight safety officer (air marshal) before moving on to be a full time member of the BC Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team (ERT) both as a breacher and later as a team leader. He retired in 2021 as the Divisional Sergeant Major for “E” Division (British Columbia), the RCMP’s largest division.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion, but the focus was always on the teams: selection, training, decision-making, leadership – and his experiences in the courtroom. In this episode we invite listeners to take a peek behind the curtain, and get an insider's perspective on how ERT operates in BC.

Seb was a devoted police officer. He was committed to his craft and the maintenance of not only his high personal standards, but also elevating the standards of the officers that worked around him.

Today he brings that same pursuit of excellence to consulting. He is the CEO of Raven Strategic Inc., which provides leadership and performance training as well as security related services. He remains active in the fitness and BJJ communities. He is working on a book with a former Canadian SOF operator. 

You can find Seb on Instagram @slavccmdr

Under Reserve thanks Seb his time, and his service.