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How to create a style guide for your holistic business
Episode 127th May 2020 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Social media is a great way to market a health and well-being business as it’s effectively free to do - well other than your time! That appeals to many practitioners and now with lockdown, social media is one of the marketing activities most of us are focusing on.

Are you making the most of the social media posts you create? Do people recognise they’re from you? Or are they a mishmash of different things, that have nothing in common?

This week's episode looks at how you can put a simple brand style sheet together to give your posts a professional look.

  • Colour palette (3:07)
  • Pick your fonts (6:06)
  • Images (7:04)
  • Create templates (9:04)
  • Create your own style (10:08)

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