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Life Beyond the Game - Joe Hawley EPISODE 4, 21st October 2020
The Power of Vulnerability with Marcus Smith II
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The Power of Vulnerability with Marcus Smith II

This week we have Marcus Smith II on the podcast!

Marcus is a former NFL athlete, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Washington Redskins. In addition to playing in the NFL, he created the MII Foundation, which provides opportunities and support for single-parent households.


Marcus is a University of Louisville alumni, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. This accomplishment helped prepare him for life after football, where he is now a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and guest speaker. Marcus is devoted to helping others overcome mental health struggles and ending the stigma, especially in professional sports. 


In this episode, we discussed:

  • Marcus’s early struggles finding his place and his position in college before everything clicked 
  • How Marcus handled the pressure of being a first round draft pick while dealing with anxiety and depression 
  • Marcus’s continued struggles in Seattle, the change that began when he started therapy, and his return to football
  • The healing power of writing
  • Relearning how to live and schedule your time when you step away from the rigid schedule of professional sports 
  • Marcus’s advice for athletes going through the transition out of sports and the importance of vulnerability  
  • Marcus’s vision for the future and where you can find and support his work

Tools and works discussed in this episode:

Connect with Marcus

Website | Marcus Smith II

Instagram | @moneymarc91

Twitter | @MarcusSmithII

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