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"600 Deals and Counting: Mastering Real Estate from Anywhere with Sharad Mehta on the Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast"
Episode 11223rd January 2024 • The Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast, REmarketing Podcast • Jerome Lewis
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Sharad Mehta, founder and CEO of REsimpli. After continuously being frustrated while using multiple software to run one business, Sharad decided enough was enough, and so he created an all-in-one real estate software that helps people close more deals, save time, and do it all at a lower marketing cost!

At REsimpli, “Our passion is to create the best software for your real estate investing business and we aim to be the only software program that a real estate investor needs to run a successful, scalable business.”

Believe it or not, since becoming a full-time real estate investor, Sharad has completed over 600 deals in the past 10 years!

Sharad is primarily active in Lake County and Indiana markets while managing his business from California, where he resides. Using REsimpli, Sharad is able to manage 3-4 rehabs a month while living in a completely different state!


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