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Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Wind Energy
Episode 621st March 2023 • Climate Chronicles • SkySpecs
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What role do artificial intelligence and machine learning play in the modern wind industry?

As machine learning and AI become more commonplace in data analysis and automation, we wanted to discuss how this affects the wind industry specifically.

We invited SkySpecs’ Shweta Khushu, Engineering Manager, Computer Vision, and Akshay Iyer, Computer Vision Engineer - Full stack, to this episode of Climate Chronicles, to dig deeper into this. Tune in to learn about the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of using AI in the wind industry, plus some tips on the best practices for deploying AI solutions.

Key Points:

  • How Akshay and Shweta first began working with SkySpecs
  • An average day in their work
  • How their roles have changed since they began their careers
  • Projects Akshay and Shweta have worked on using machine learning and AI
  • The benefits of using AI in the wind industry
  • The challenges of using AI and machine learning
  • The top opportunities in the wind industry for AI
  • How SkySpecs uses AI
  • How working in the wind industry is a change from Akshay’s healthcare background
  • Predictions for AI in the wind industry
  • The best practices for deploying AI and machine learning

Key Links:

Connect with Shweta on LinkedIn:

Connect with Akshay on LinkedIn: