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Episode 1712th January 2022 • Podcast Gym • Andy Wang
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I don’t know much about SEO, it’s short for Search Engine Optimization. According to Moz, SEO is a set of practices designed to improve the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. There are best practices; of course, but, many variables go into an algorithm. 

What I do know is that when I pose a question to Google, the first page of search results is important. Most of the time, I click one of the top 5 search results. Google really is getting smarter. It’s not often that we navigate to page 2, 3… or 10?

The first page is important.

Here’s my simple assumption. The more visible you are in search, the more listeners will find your podcast.


While there are tactics like encouraging well-ranked websites to link back to your website that can improve your page rank and domain authority, it can take a long time.

Here’s a hack for getting found more easily.

I noticed that Podchaser, a.k.a. the IMDb of podcasts, ranks well. For example, I interviewed Arrow star Katie Cassidy (also the daughter of David Cassidy. Yes, THAT David Cassidy, from The Partridge Family!) 

Search Google for “Katie Cassidy podcast,” and my website does not immediately appear. 

Ranked #4, though, is Katie Cassidy – Podcast Credits – Podchaser. With that result, I hope some of Katie’s fans will find my interview.

While I previously did not see much value in completing my Podchaser profile and episode details, I’ve changed my mind.

If you haven’t done it yet, claim your podcast at Podchaser and fill out as much information as you can.

(While you’re there, listen to my interview with Bradley Davis, Podchaser’s Founder and CEO.)

With Podchaser’s help, you and your podcast are likely to rank higher in search results.


Once you’re cataloged at Podchaser, you might also consider going to the actual IMDb. IMDb began accepting submissions of audio-only podcasts in 2020.

Listing your podcast and its episodes makes even more sense if you interview actors and others who already appear in this database. If they don’t, it’s fun telling your guests that they appear on alongside their favorite films. It can be a bonus perk of appearing on your podcast.

To list my podcast at IMDb, my first step was to add any guests as “cast” if they were already in the database. Phase two was to add a year’s worth of episodes and podcast episode images. Eventually, I’ll do phase 3 — adding episodes going back to 2017.

Check it out here: Inspired Money (Podcast Series)

My rationale for taking the time to list at IMDb is to show up in more Google searches. Maybe someone will find my podcast while searching IMDb for their favorite actor. Or it just might help me land another celebrity guest if a publicist is searching for podcasts for their client who’s promoting a new movie, book, or album.


Finally, do not forget YouTube. Some say it’s the world’s second largest search engine. I do not know if that is true, but YouTube plays nicely with Google. Of course, it’s because it’s owned by Google.

If you post static image audio episodes, it can help you in search. Even better, post video episodes and/or live stream. Dedicate time to build your channel, and YouTube will help your audience to find you.

Try any or all of these three things to try to grow your audience this year.

Do you have any great tactics for marketing and improving discoverability? Leave a comment at and let me know.