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NEW Earth Business Codes from Sirius
Episode 215th August 2022 • The Aligned Way • Kelly Vikings
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In this episode, you can be sure to expect the unexpected!

The ‘Sirius Star Being’ Oracle was drawn for today’s episode.

I received an unexpected visit from the Sirians, in today’s show. Previously I had received cosmic council from these beautiful beings of light, along with a visit where I received NEW Earth Codes. Today’s episode delivered a message of immense confirmation. My role in the ascension of humanity is to support NEW Earth Business.

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I also share an insight into my Five Pillar, Signature Framework:

Divine Business Code® = Alignment – Energy – Ascension – Alchemy – Abundance.

Enjoy as we step away from OLD earth energies and leap forward with Stella Force to create a NEW Paradigm, doing business The Aligned Way!




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