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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 25, 11th December 2020
Product Marketing Life | Nadia Niky, Uber Eats
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Product Marketing Life | Nadia Niky, Uber Eats

On Product Marketing Life this week we got together with Global Product Marketing Manager at Uber Eats, Nadia Niky, to discuss market experiments. Nadia explains why she thinks running experiments is such a vital element of the PMM role, how she prepares for hers at Uber Eats, measures and analyzes their success, and the times it’s gone wrong, plus, key learnings, top tips for others, and more.


As a PMM, I think really the Golden Nugget is to supplement user insights and research. I work really closely with our research team and they're one of PMM’s greatest partners, and user insights are really helpful to get some color into what users say and what they think and getting a deeper understanding. But experiments will really show you their behavior and what they'll actually do when it comes down to them being on their own and navigating your product.