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Supply Chain Now Classic: Moving Mountains with Thousands of Nudges featuring Ramona Hood
Episode 100819th October 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Over the last two years, everyone has learned a lot about supply chain operations, complexity, and leadership. It has been as easy to spot exceptional leaders as it has been to see leadership vacuums. Good leaders managed to keep their operations rolling and hit their performance targets despite the challenges, but great leaders did all that while still supporting their teams and building a pathway to an uncharted future.

Ramona Hood is the President & CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, the part of the FedEx family of companies that specializes in providing services such as expedited ground services, temperature control, and increased security. She is also the first black CEO in the history of FedEx, a distinction that she believes is as much about creating opportunities for those who are on their way up through the ranks as it is a success for her personally.

In this classic Supply Chain Now episode, Ramona shares her personal journey and leadership philosophy with co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton:

• What it was like to watch her team rise to the challenge of COVID-19 and then play an active role in the distribution of vaccines

• The drive and intentionality that are crucial for every individual that wants to set themselves up for personal and professional success

• How she serves as a role model for not just her team, but also her daughters, who have had the opportunity to witness her hard work and dedication firsthand

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