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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 438, 24th June 2021
438. Expose Yourself to the Right Light
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438. Expose Yourself to the Right Light

Andy Mant, light therapy expert and CEO of BLUblox (seriously, this guy is a lab research wizard), returns to Almost 30 to talk to K + L about the different ways to use light in your life. We get into tips for biohacking your workspace, increasing your melanin levels safely (read: healthy tan!), and giving your brain and body a vitamin D glow up to fight disease and look great doing it. 

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We also talk about:

  • Biohacking during the pandemic 
  • The connection between light exposure and depression
  • The effect of blue light on skin 
  • Health benefits of UV light 
  • How to biohack your work station
  • Separating “junk light” from “good light”
  • Benefits of red light 
  • Research, clickbait and seeking “truth”
  • EMF blocking products we love 

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