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Ep.18 ~ The Sistas Got Something To Say! (Vol.2)
25th November 2019 • JustEldredge Podcast • JustEldredge Media
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It never fails...After a Why Black Man? Why?...

👸🏾The Sistas Got Something to Say!!👸🏾

What do Sistas have to say about.... Men calling them beautiful (Y’all like disrespect?); Cuffing season (How do yall act different); Why do yall hold out the yams for good guys ; AND the craziest thing you did for the D ?!?

OH we didn't forget, wassup with the YAMS !?! 😂

We had a great time!!

And the Fedora Energy was still in the building! 🤣

Remember... You can’t wet the dog if you not gonna wash it 🤣🤣🤣 🐕

As Always...

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Today’s Guest:
All single women 😏

Kelechi aka Vera - "Don't call Me Beautiful or Queen (until cuffing season lol!)

Nikki - "Still Crazy for the D!"

Shirley - "Ms. Go through yo Hard Drive"