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How to Radiate Positivity & Gamify Life with Lucas Stancil | FTW Episode 17
Episode 178th September 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Lucas Stancil earned his Music Performance Degree with a concentration on Classical Bassoon. His goal is to continue to learn and create, utilizing many kinds of artistic expressions, in the hopes of inspiring others to push forward the dialog in regards to creativity and the pursuit of self-fulfillment and how these concepts are of paramount importance in today's society.

If you’ve never been to a music and art festival this might be the wake-up call you needed to make it happen. Why? There is something magical that happens when you immerse yourself in an environment that fosters unparalleled love, connection, and creativity in the way that they do. I am lucky enough to say that on my festival-going journey that I was blessed with meeting this week’s guest, Lucas Stancil. In this conversation, Lucas shares his insights about the power of creativity and creation, how video games can improve the quality of our life, and I share my story of transitioning from Jarrod to Wolf.

Much love and peace be with you.


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