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Managing the Care & Finances of a Loved One - AccountAbility Mobile App
Episode 613th July 2021 • Sage Aging • Liz Craven
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This Week on Sage Aging

In this episode, we explore what a caregiver's responsibilities are as it relates to maintaining proper documentation and overseeing a loved one's finances and medical care. It's no small task, but don't worry,  after our time together today, you'll know what you need to do.

My Guest

Nancy Meyers, An estate attorney for the past 16 years, has worked with individuals and families who are facing the challenges of managing the care and finances of elderly or cognitively impaired individuals. As a result of what she's seen in her practice, Nancy designed the AccountAbility mobile app to help caregivers securely organize, track and share documents and information. To learn more about Nancy, see the Links section below. 

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