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Encore: Learning to Love My Neurodivergent Brain with Kelli Willard
Bonus Episode23rd December 2020 • Authentic Wednesday Podcast • Bianca Hughes
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In this episode my guest Kelli Willard authentically shares her story of being diagnosed with ADD as an adult and loving all the brains in her neurodiverse household.

Episode Highlights

  • Authenticity as alignment with who God made you to be
  • Wearing the mask of having it all together
  • Letting go of control to let go the mask
  • Viewing ADD as a superpower
  • Building a relationship with your brain
  • Encouraging people to be curious about how their brain works.


Special Guest: Kelli Willard

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Resources Shared on Show


NeuroTribes (Amazon Affilate Link)


Additude Magazine


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