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Why Doesn't Anyone Open My Emails?
Episode 3211th May 2022 • IMPACTability: The Nonprofit Leaders' Podcast • Soukup Strategic Solutions
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As fundraisers, one of the best tools is the email and the e-newsletter. But why all the bounces? What should you definitely have in your e-newsletter? What is the fine line between “I’m sending the right amount of emails” and “they can’t wait to unsubscribe?” Email marketing expert, Erica Salm Rench, will answer these questions to help you skyrocket your open rates. 

Erica Salm Rench is the Chief Operating Officer at, an e-newsletter optimization program. She is an experienced leader of Business Development / Sales, Customer Success, Product Development, Marketing, and Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing, software, and recruitment spaces. Ericka also has an MBA from Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business with a focus in Management and Entrepreneurship. is a platform that sends individualized newsletters to your subscribers. Their AI collects and sifts through the articles your sources produce to pull only the most relevant to your newsletter. Articles are then filtered and designated to be sent to each individual subscriber based on their own unique interests.

In this episode you'll discover:

Why are e-newsletters such a great tool for fundraisers? 02:05

Things you need to do, and things to avoid with e-newsletters. 03:20

What type of content succeeds in a newsletter? 05:12

How important is a subject line? How should you do it? 05:50

What are the rules? 06:54

How many emails should you be sending to your base? 08:07

Don't send calls to action too often! 09:12

5 factors for why people aren't opening your emails. 11:49

Avoid too many pictures. 15:00

What to avoid in your newsletters. 15:52

Insight into what impacts google email algorithms? 17:49

How often should you update/clean your email list? 18:50

How do you grow an email list? 20:00

Coaches Corner question: "What is the value of working with a consultant rather than having my own employee?" 22:55

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