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Uncovering Your Power, Part 1
Episode 15215th August 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In this episode, Mark and Joey dive into the complexities of post-divorce dynamics and personal growth. Discover the significance of identity, hidden beliefs, and boundaries in moving forward. Listen in as they provide insights into healthy communication, avoiding manipulation, and defining new relationships. Learn how investing in self-improvement and addressing past wounds can lead to authentic transformation.

Episode Summary:

  • Intro to this episode. 0:03
  • Mark is excited to introduce the next level of this podcast, Empowered AF 2.0, and what it means to be an empowered man in his most advanced form.
  • Your ROI is commensurate to the investments.
  • The importance of knowing who you are. 1:40
  • Joe was at a conference for salespeople this past weekend. He went there to invest in himself and get something out of it. He got some gold nuggets and found some good salespeople to work for him.
  • Hanging out after divorce is not normal. It stifles the healing process.
  • The advanced use of neutral warming and its benefits. 3:45
  • Lance talks about the advanced use of different levels of neutral warming and how it has progressed over time.
  • Lance shares his thoughts on boundaries and his relationship with his wife.
  • Setting boundaries and positive communication. 5:40
  • The neutral woman technique, making a lot of boundaries and positive communication.
  • The next level is missing something in the next step of making communications work better.
  • What is the problem? 7:49
  • What is it that you feel you need to accomplish that is causing you to feel like you are missing a step?
  • Define what you want your relationship with your ex wife to look like.
  • The problem with getting sucked back into the relationship. 10:03
  • You can easily put yourself in a precarious position if you are not careful. It is easy to get sucked back in.
  • Being honest with yourself about what you ultimately want.
  • Letting things happen naturally. 11:45
  • He was trying to make things happen, but he was not doing it in a healthy way. He wants healthy progression and family interactions.
  • He wants to be able to let things happen naturally.
  • Stripping off the old identity. 14:06
  • One of the exercises in thrive plus is called stripping the old identity.
  • You will get 80% of your gains from 20% of the work you do well. The old 80% is keeping you from where you want to go.
  • How to invest in yourself. 16:52
  • Mark encourages listeners to check out the first 50 episodes in the podcast on the foundations of how to be an empowered man.
  • Check out the empowered man group

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