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37. How to Build a Rental Portfolio That Nets You $100,000 (Part 1 of 2)
Episode 3713th May 2024 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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Have you been dreaming of creating abundant, passive income from rental properties? In part one of this special two part series, special guest Jill Wootten shares exactly how she has built a portfolio of properties that nets her over $100,000 per year.

Jill started building her portfolio in 2013, and today she owns and self-manages 11 high-end rental properties in Baltimore City. In the first part of this series we cover the following:

  • Simple steps for you to get started with your first rental property
  • How to strategically scale your portfolio from one, to two, to many many more - with a focus on how to save or find money for your down payment and the best ways to finance
  • Jill’s mindset and habits that have made it possible for her to save, be disciplined, profit from, and manage a portfolio of this size
  • How she used one particular rental property to fund the purchase of her dream car
  • Why her investment strategy focuses on cash flow as opposed to property appreciation, and the pros and cons of that strategy

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Find Jill on IG at @‌jillwoot.


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