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What the watt? Lighting and performance - with Craig Bowler
Episode 2631st July 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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Lighting affects our performance and with lighting technology's dramatic advancements in the past few years, we all need to better understand it. It is cheaper to create long-lasting light now but could this mean too much of a good thing?

I invited Craig Bowler of Home Depot Canada to shed light (I couldn't resist) on this topic. Craig is in charge of purchasing lighting and through weekly in-store customer experience really has the pulse on both lighting solutions and customer experience.

In this episode, Craig and I explore the history of lighting and a bit of the evolution over the past 20 years. We explore what new lighting developments are on offer and how Home Depot can help you understand what they are. And we also explore some of where we think lighting ought to go. This knowledge opens up the field to have important conversations, which are useful for suppliers, customers, and especially those who are sensitive to light.


00:00:00 Intro

00:04:30 The evolution of lighting

00:11:10 General public awareness of lighting

00:14:45 The right type of light  

00:16:30 The history of LED lighting

00:18:09   Upgrading lighting at home

00:24:30  Continually upgrading 

00:26:30  Should lights be left on 24/7?

00:27:45  Light pollution

00:29:44  Keeping light pollution at a minimum

00:31:31   Making more thoughtful choices

00:34:39  Educating the consumer on lighting

00:38:29  Keeping it friendly for customers

00:42:32   Bright LED lights in cars

00:45:30  Home Depot Canada lighting selection


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AMA adopts guidance to reduce harm from high intensity street lights

Dr. Samer Hattar

Seasonal Affective Disorder

HappyLight® Lumi light therapy lamp


IMAGE CREDITS (see images on Youtube video)

Led lights - credit Clare Kumar

Adjustable lighting temperatures - credit Clare Kumar

Philips Hue - credit Shawna Friedberg

Circadian rhythm - credit Canva

Colour temperature - credit Clare Kumar

Brightly-lit garage - credit Canva

Children in school - credit Canva

Flickering lights - credit Canva

Halogen light bulbs - credit Clare Kumar

Scale of kelvin lighting - credit Depositphotos

Hanging patio lights - credit Canva

Dyson light fixture - credit Clare Kumar

Clare wearing Nitehood - credit Clare Kumar

Times Square - credit Canva

Small town at night - credit Canva

View from Clare’s window - credit Clare Kumar

Motion-activated lights - credit Canva

Condo lobby - credit Clare Kumar

Map of Canada highlighting lighting preferences - credit Wikimedia Commons / Canva

Clare’s desktop - credit Clare Kumar

HappyLight® Lumi light therapy lamp - credit Clare Kumar

Home Depot Canada light boxes - credit Clare Kumar

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