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The RE of Marketing - Steven Rick & Tim Elliott EPISODE 2, BONUS EPISODE, 9th October 2020
RE/BITE: 02 With Rob Dawes
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RE/BITE: 02 With Rob Dawes

RE:Bites are a new short and chewy mini-sodes of the RE of marketing podcast.

These episodes are hosted solo (either me, Tim or Steve) and will be just me sharing an idea or opinion or having a brief chat about one topic with a someone interesting.

Thanks Tim Elliott

In this episode Tim Elliott speaks to Rob Dawes Director of Future Proof Films all about personality and humour in marketing, video marketing and a good old marketing chin wag,

Rob uses the the phrase Loosey-Goosey a lot.

Web Future Proof Film: https://futureproof.film/

Rob@futureproof.film to throw some ideas at him