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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 120, 18th February 2019
Upping The Sound Quality Of Podcasts [Episode 120]

Upping The Sound Quality Of Podcasts [Episode 120]

It's 2019. A new 5G network with blazing speed is coming out this year. The cost to store larger files has plummeted. Mobile device storage will soon be measured in terabytes. 

But the standard for podcast media file settings hasn't changed since 2006. Serious. I'm encoding files -- for myself and my clients -- based on a standard I helped establish back in 2006. 

But before you rush to start saving your files at 320 kbps or making episodes in rich, binaural sound: keep in mind that's not what everyone wants. Some people listen with a single ear bud in. Others over their car audio system when the road noise is high. Some live in areas where bandwidth is at an expensive premium.

But it's not an either or proposition. In this short episode, I'll layout an opportunity for the next-generation of listening apps to provide the best possible listening experience for each and every listener. And I'll tell you how to prepare for that coming future.