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Rest as Resistance with Mary Farmer
Episode 1715th December 2022 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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If you’re listening to this podcast, you already know that there are so many reasons that art is important. It not only beautifies our surroundings, but it is a reflection of the world around us. For Mary Farmer, an artist with a long history as a women’s rights and social justice activist, art is liberation from the stresses of the world. Mary is a renowned encaustic painter based in Asheville, whose paintings create a portal into a timeless and transcendent state of being. It’s easy to get lost in Mary’s tranquil landscapes and travel to a more peaceful place in your mind, which is exactly what she hopes to achieve. At the center of her practice lies a much more quiet activism, a call to take some much-needed refuge from the onslaught of negativity that surrounds us. Referring to some of her more abstract landscape paintings as ‘soft landings’, Mary’s work is created to help you slow down and take time to decompress. Ultimately, rest is a radical and intentional act of resistance in a world that has no pause button. By looking after our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing, we can gather the energy we need to keep fighting for the causes we believe in. So, sit back, relax, and let Mary Farmer take you on a journey of creative self-care!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The quiet activism at the heart of Mary’s practice.
  • Ways that Artsville offers healing, friendship, and comfort.
  • How art provides opportunities for deeper connection.
  • The ‘mental vacation’ that art offers us in a post-COVID world.
  • Important causes that Mary and Louise have advocated for together.
  • Insight into Mary’s decision to reincorporate activism into her artwork.
  • When Mary’s commitment to women’s rights began.
  • Using art to translate the spiritual connection with nature that one feels in Asheville.
  • Where Mary gets the energy to keep fighting for the causes she believes in.
  • The importance of speaking loudly and clearly about social justice through art.
  • An understanding of Mary’s focus on comfort, shelter, and beauty.
  • Why we have to make time for rest and self-care in today’s world.
  • Attracting attention to the arts as a form of activism.
  • Mary’s approach to marketing as a “mutual exchange of pleasure.”
  • A look at the global community of International Encaustic Artists.
  • Nurturing a mass market for original art to give artists a better livelihood.
  • The responsibility that artists have to put their work out there.
  • Bringing art, education, and activism under one umbrella with Artsville.

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