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Episode #007 - Richard Stevens. MD at Plymouth City Bus
Episode 727th September 2020 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Welcome episode number 7 in which I’m joined by Richard Stevens who is the Managing Director of Plymouth City Bus, a 45million pound turnover business employing 850 people, operating 350 buses and serving tens of thousands of people.

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Episode Overview

I first met Richard around five years ago when I visited his Head Quarters in Plymouth and was immediately blown away by the incredible culture he had built, and the results that it was delivering.

Whilst many of us have read articles about incredible cultures at organisations like Google, Innocent or Zappo’s few of us have experienced stand out culture for ourselves. Plymouth City bus, is by far, the best example I’ve personally seen, first hand, of the true power of vision, values and team charters.

This episode is packed full of wisdom and insights around service based leadership, an unwavering commitment to always acting unconditional positive regard for others and how to create a team charter that actually makes a real world difference.

I know you’re going to love this episode, so without any further delay…please enjoy my conversation with Richard Stevens.

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