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Hemba - Earliest largest cryptopunk holder -> controversial founder of "V1 Cryptopunks"
Episode 6623rd May 2022 • Floor is Rising • Floor is Rising Podcast
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Welcome to the podcast Floor is Rising. During today’s conversation, we are visited by special guest Hemba, a famous collector in the CryptoPunks community. He is the founder of CryptoPunks V1 and tells us the story of how he claimed his first Punk and became the largest punk holder. Next, we dive into the history of the CryptoPunks trading market, the “hack” that led to the “hard fork”. Hear Hemba tell the drama filled lore of his journey in the crypto punk community and why he believes the story needs to be told. Thanks for tuning in! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to today’s guest, Hemba, founder of CryptoPunk V1.
  • The story of how he got into NFTs.
  • How he claimed his first punk and realised what he was up against.
  • The story of how the cryptopunk trading market started and how you can look back on the early Reddit posts to see the energy around even small amounts being spent.
  • How he “hacked” the original cryptopunk contract that led to a “hard fork”.
  • The 82 transactions that were completed before the second Cryptopunks contract, of which 69 were Hemba.
  • How he ended up selling all of his punks by 2020
  • How he came to start CryptoPunk V1 and collaborated with Frank to create the V1 wrapper.
  • Why he believes the CryptoPunk story needs to be told.
  • Why he believes that the cryptopunk community needs to unite rather than fighting each other as the best way forward.
  • How Yuga buying Cryptopunks affected the rights you have as holders of the token, to freely trade, exhibit, and trade.
  • His focus on education, installations, and events, and why he believes CryptoPunks are an important part of art history.


“I think the CryptoPunk story must be told, and the CryptoPunks community must come together to share it.” — @soldthebottom [0:33:57]

“The path forward is finding some kind of acceptance and peace. Really I think this is an opportunity for the whole community of Punk lovers to go, this is our chance to do something with CryptoPunks.” — @soldthebottom [0:38:27]

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