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Episode 104 - The Project - Part 1
Episode 49th August 2021 • Beyond the Belt: Adventures from the Outer Rim • Jason Nitsch
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Following an unknown accident at a secret deep-space…and very secret military laboratory, the now darkened station is approached by a strange ship. On board is the head of the mysterious group known only as “The Project” who oversees all of the secret sites across the galaxy just like this one. The ship seeks answers, but also information…about what happened here and what clues may be gleaned from the accident on the station.

Run time approximately 17 minutes

Dr. Robert West - Voiced by Allen Donnelly

Paul Wagner - Voiced by John Brattin

Jake Raznor - Voiced by Ben Ayers

Narrator - Voiced by Aizaac S.

French Horn - Meredith Moore

Cello - Michelle Packman

Originally released August 9, 2021