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Fast Track or Slow Stroll? Find the Right Pace For Your Patent Prosecution Matters
Episode 222nd December 2020 • BakerHosts • BakerHosts | BakerHostetler
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For a company rushing to bring a breakthrough product to a red-hot marketplace, the goal may be a speedy patent prosecution at the United States patent office – but for a “stealth mode” company, the goal may be a slower and quieter process that gives the company time to refine its own products and to evaluate its competitors. No matter your business’s ultimate objective, your business has an interest in how quickly or slowly things progress at the patent office – and in this podcast, BakerHostetler partner Aaron Rabinowitz discusses when to speed up or slow down patent prosecution and the many options that companies have to control the speed of their patent matters in the United States patent office and around the world.

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