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12. How to Build A Facebook Group For Your Past Real Estate Clients & Sphere
Episode 1210th July 2023 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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One of the very best things I've done to stay in touch with my past clients and advocates was launching a private Facebook group just for them - and in this episode I break down how you can do this, too!

To get my full playbook on how to create a powerful Group for your sphere, just click here- it's free!

Episode highlights:

  • Why I decided to re-embrace Facebook after thinking it wasn't so useful for my business anymore
  • How I clarified my team's mission statement and used that as a jumping off point to build a group that was different than any of my previous marketing & engagement strategies
  • The fears and concerns I worked through before launching my group
  • How I set my group up for success, and made it a place my clients love hanging out with me and my team members
  • Best practices and systems to launch your group's membership then help it grow

Plus, a bunch of simple, inexpensive, and/or free ways to engage your clients within your group and increase referrals and repeat business

If you love this concept, don't sleep on downloading my playbook, and start building!


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