What The Hell Is Wrong With People? [Coffee Chat]
Episode 42nd June 2020 • Coffee Powered Systems • Miranda Merten
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Episode 004. In light of recent events, I'm doing a special coffee chat on my feeling about our current state of the nation. How many lives must we lose for there to be true change in this country? Take some time this week to learn more, do more, or just be there for a friend in need. 

Take a moment of silence for these men and women mentioned in this episode who have lost their lives in recent years (not an extensive list):

Trayvon Martin, age 17, 2012

Tamir Rice, age 12, 2014 

Michael Brown, age 18, 2014

Eric Garner, age 44, 2014

Sandra Bland, age 28, 2015

Freddie Gray, age 25, 2015

Alton Sterling, age 37, 2016

Philandro Castile, age 32, 2016

Botham Jean, age 26, 2018

Atatiana Jefferson, age 28, 2019

Ahmaud Arbery, age 25, 2020

Doug Lewis, age 39, 2020

Breonna Taylor, age 26, 2020

George Floyd, age 46, 2020

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