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2. Why the Corporate World Needs Mindfulness with Nadene Cherry
Episode 214th June 2022 • Soulful Streaming • Allison Bobb and Tina Janczura DaSilva
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What if you could turn your passion into your career? How do you first, find your passion and then how the heck do you make that leap? That's exactly what Nadene Cherry - a tech sales executive turned corporate mindfulness rockstar did. Today, Nadene shares how mindfulness can improve performance and creativity, while also blowing out burnout flame. If you find yourself needing that moment of pause, reflection or just want to hear another energy-boosting conversation, look no further.

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Themes We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • Mindfulness: What is it and why you may need it
  • Burnout: How to stop if before it begins
  • Energy Surges: How to ride the flow of the last two years and how to use meditation for grounding
  • Community Meditation: Benefits of meditating in a group vs on your own
  • Career Shift: How to figure your purpose and maybe even turn it into your career

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