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Data Driven - Data Driven 9th November 2017
PASS Summit Wrap Up and Frank’s Big News
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PASS Summit Wrap Up and Frank’s Big News

Frank and Andy chat about the people and things Andy saw at this year’s PASS Summit and Frank talks about his appearance on another data science podcast.


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Notable Quotes

Andys excellent PASS Summit 2017 Adventure ([0:58])
Frank responded well ([6:20])
Podcast Websites rock! ([9:00])
Frank got it working ([11:50])
Azure Data Science VM ([14:20])
“How much does that cost?” ([15:15])
“How big is that row?” ([17:15])
On delivering Microsoft demos… ([18:05])
I am Frank’s hero! ([20:30])
Biml in the PASS Summit 2017 Day 1 Keynote. ([20:50])
“Stealth Biml…” ([21:40])
The Biml Book ([22:00])
Frank’s Book! ([23:50])
Kevin Hazzard shout-out ([26:00])
Kevin’s post about database designs
Rimma Nehme on CosmosDB, Planet-Scale Applications, and Selling Door-to-Door ([27:45])
“There are smart people presenting in other rooms.” ([31:45])
Eugene loves the show! ([33:00])
…he’s definitely a data scientist.” ([34:00])
THE Frank La Vigne ([35:30])
The Data Driven Facebook page ([36:00])
The now-famous Dunkin Donuts Incident ([36:45])
The Economist Facebook Live ([37:20])
The Data Podcast by Rajib Bahar ([37:45])
Book reference: The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku ([39:30])
Does Andy really exist? ([41:41])
The Data Driven Book.com ([44:30])
Frank spends quality time thinking on the beltway… ([47:15])
Pod-fade ([49:00])
On editing… ([50:00])
What does one call a wizard in training? ([53:00])