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Activating your souls Highest Frequency
Episode 2026th July 2022 • The Aligned Way • Kelly Vikings
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Today is the beginning of The Lions Gate portal. Celebrating this we begin the show with a powerful oracle card. It wasn’t until after I recorded this episode, I realised in the last episode with Anna Anderson we had another peacock…

Look out for many synchronicities during August, I believe you are going to see lots of them!


Today we talk about SOUL PURPOSE and what we are here to achieve in our lifetime.

How taking all our experiences with us, using them to guide us forwards.

I share some insights into Isis as her energy has been finding me, in meditation and sleep.

I share how you can activate your soul’s highest frequency in 5 inspired steps and hope this inspires you to choose expansion, a conscious shift to help you step towards fifth dimensional frequency. Activating your creativity, aligned action, and speaking your truth. All part of souls transformation and journey of enlightenment.



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