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Confidence Builders and Derailers with Nicole Kalil
Episode 2420th January 2021 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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You walk into a room full of people you've never met before; self- doubt, fear, apprehension, do they all kick in? The same probably happens when you speak up and share your opinions or ideas in a work meeting. What does it take you to effectively conquer your mind in such situations?

It takes a belief in yourself. It takes confidence.

So, if confidence looks so good on you, what keeps you from wearing it everyday? And the confident people, what have they discovered that you don't know yet, what is their secret to being confident?

Our guest today is Nicole Kalil, an amazing speaker, coach and also the host of the podcast "This Is Woman's Work". Nicole spent most of her professional life with a Fortune 500 company, where her passion for leadership led her to become the first female Chief Development Officer in the 160-year company history. She joins us on the episode to give us matchless advice, definitions and actionable tips on building self-confidence!

And to quench my thirst for constantly validating opinions with research, Nicole makes known that confidence could well have something to do with your genes. But, even if that were the case, it would constitute only 25 percent of your total confidence level. So, confidence is a skill you can always develop! Sounds good? Listen in to today’s episode to discover the major confidence derailers and why perfection tops the list!

Nicole shares with us the 5 confidence builders that she has mastered:

1. Action

2. Failure

3. Grace

4. Choosing confidence

5. Understanding, awareness, and mindfulness that confidence comes from the inside

You’re going to achieve self acceptance and self belief by practicing the confidence boosters that Nicole mentioned, taking action, failing forward, giving yourself grace and choosing to have confidence in yourself. And when you do that, it will be easier to take your head trash to the dumpster and light that shit on fire.

Tune in for unparalleled ideas on networking your way with more confidence and grace!

The Drink of the Week​ is a cocktail called Crank It To 11 - and since last week was all about music and this week we are lighting our head trash on fire, I think it works well. (This amazing cocktail was a special Shaker and Spoon box that I bought for my husband. If you haven’t tried Shaker and Spoon you totally should - I’ve included a link below where you can get $25 off your first box)

Take some hickory wood chips (those come in the cocktail box) and make a little pile of them on a non flammable surface. Light them on fire. When they start smoking, put the glass over to trap the smoke. After you trap the smoke, flip the glass over and add one large ice cube - I used a huge square one from a mold. Then add 1.5 ounces of American Whisky and a little cherry syrup from the jar of cherries (we talked about this in a previous episode. Use really good cherries not the shitty red kind and 4 dashes of cherry bark vanilla syrup). Then use a cocktail stirrer to stir it up and add a black cherry as a garnish. I tell you this drink was fan-fucking-tastic! I am not joking.

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