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Evie Brooks - Real Estate Investing in Panama
Episode 1524th April 2022 • Secure Your Retirement • Radon Stancil, CFP® & Murs Tariq, CFP®
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Have you ever thought of investing in real estate outside of the US market, specifically in Panama? What if you learned that it’s a booming real estate market that’s only getting better?

Investing in Panama can be easy, affordable, and suitable for anyone planning to relocate to Panama or add to their real estate portfolio.

In this episode of the Secure Your Retirement podcast, we have Evie Brooks, an elite Real Estate Investment Educator, entrepreneur, and former Advanced Trainer for “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, who now specializes in Panama real estate for expatriates.

Listen in to learn why you need to invest in international investing education to avoid losing money to scammers.

In this episode, find out:

  • Evie on her career in real estate investing and her passion for educating on the subject.
  • Why she ended up in Panama for real estate investing and why it’s a good investing market.
  • The healthcare situation in Panama and why it’s way more affordable than the US.
  • How to invest in real estate projects in Panama and become an expert in the field.
  • How Evie and her team make investing in Panama easier for international investors.
  • Why you need education before investing internationally to avoid losing money to scammers.
  • The types of lifestyles to consider in Panama if you’re considering relocating.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Being able to invest in Panama is simple if you know where to go and who to contact.”- Evie Brooks
  • “Do it the right way and you won’t spend near what you would lose if you try to figure investing in Panama on your own.”- Evie Brooks

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