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My Mindset Makeover: Three Key Shifts Towards Abundance
Episode 2128th February 2024 • Building Unapologetically • Jourdan Guyton
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If you've ever caught yourself thinking "I'll never make 5 figures" or "Where is this money going to come from?" - this episode is your sign to shift gears.

Because this week, I'm getting vulnerable about the limiting beliefs I used to have, the daily habits that shaped my abundance mindset, and how my FAITH has been crucial along this journey.

See I used to tell myself "Girl that's impossible, you crazy!" when I would set big goals in my business. But I soon realized my mindset was keeping me overwhelmed, and hella exhausted trying to figure it all out alone.

Abundance isn't just about the money honey - it's a whole mindset.

Here are the three shifts we are talking about in this episode:

  1. How I flipped my self-talk from lack mentality to "Where's my 4 figure client at?!"
  2. The daily habits + environments that made me feel abundant before I even saw the $$ pour in
  3. How getting on my faith + being grateful for the little stuff opened the floodgates of blessings

And because I'm committed to blessing others while I'm out here gettin' blessed - do your girl a solid and pass this episode along to any friend or entrepreneur in your circle who needs an abundance makeover!

Book I mentioned: The Science of Getting Rich

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