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TAP 190. Are you using this awesome marketing tool? An interview with co-founders Brad and Peter
Episode 1902nd July 2021 • Top Agents Playbook • Ray Wood
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I'm increasingly surprised at the speed of technology and how new, better and less expensive ideas seem to evolve so quickly.

The very best ideas cater to a particular market niche and solve a problem that niche is having or produce a fresh product with obvious and instant appeal.

Property technology or 'proptech' as it's called is no exception and since first meeting Peter, Brad and Mel from Box Brownie, it's been fascinating to follow their innovative ideas as they bring an ever-expanding range of options to real estate agents so their marketing looks awesome.

If I had to highlight the biggest feature as I see it, it's that Box Brownie offers highly technical services that used to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a tiny fraction of old-world prices plus their turnaround is super fast.

Make no mistake, you are instantly judged by your marketing and visual presentation. In a world where getting attention is beyond competitive, there's literally no second chance at a first impression.

Why would you feature an image of an empty room when you can virtually fill it with great-looking furniture, floor coverings and wall art for less than $2?

Why would you feature a room with a view where the light imbalance makes the room or the view looks under or overexposed?

And why would your hero marketing shot be a street image with grey skies when you could have a blue sky or a twilight image showing warmth and color from inside lighting?

Every listing is a listing opportunity and you only get once chance to get it right.

Today, tens of thousands of agents around the world have saved in their browser bookmarks to order their image makeovers together with a bunch of stunning presentation tools that make buyers and sellers sit up and take notice.

If you agree that every listing is a listing opportunity and that you're judged by every marketing image you promote, can I suggest you tune in to this episode and you might just hear about an exciting new feature that will change the way you market your listings.

We've got all that and more coming right up.




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