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How to Become a High-Value Husband with David Frey - Part Two
Episode 9512th July 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Are you setting yourself up for RESENTMENT with your wife? What are you doing that INFLUENCES what she does? Last week, Mark and David talked about the PROBLEMS in marriage and the ONE thing that underlies EVERY divorce, but this week, they’re talking about the SOLUTIONS. How do you FIX those issues in your marriage? How do you become a high-value man and husband?

Mark and David are having a DEEPER conversation this week to help you REFLECT on your own marriage, and consider what you are doing or NOT doing to THRIVE in your relationships. Discover the ONLY way a relationship will be successful, why you have to change your mindset and beliefs or you will always fall back into old habits, and some practical steps to help you become a high-value husband.

“There is a difference between fault and responsibility. Fault is more about shame, responsibility is about leadership.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Hear some examples of what makes a selfless husband

- THIS is the first step in turning around your relationship…

- Find out the importance of being ACCOUNTABLE for your actions

- David shares the concept of The Better Next Time journal and how to use it

- Most of the time, your wife’s behavior is a reflection of something YOU did that influenced her. Here’s why…

- This is one of the GREATEST skills you can learn as an empowered man…

And much more…

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