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John Lee Dumas on Podcasting to Grow Your Membership
13th April 2016 • Membership Geeks Podcast with Mike Morrison & Callie Willows • Membership Geeks
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Podcasting is a fantastic way of promoting and growing amembership website.

Not only does it help you to establish you as an authority anddemonstrate your expertise - things that are particularly importantif your membership is largely based on your being an expert in yourfield - but it also gives a human voice to your brand andestablished connections that most other mediums simply cannot.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I'm joined byJohn Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire, who shared some ofhis insight and experiences in not only building a wildlysuccessful business podcast; but also how that fits with his ownmembership communities.

In this episode, John and I discuss:

  • The role podcasting has played in developing and growing John'smembership community
  • Tips for turning his podcast listeners into members
  • How John creates extra member-only value from his freepodcast content
  • What activity helps John manage the hectic schedule ofreleasing a daily podcast
  • ...and loads more!