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SI80: Why uncomfortable trades can turn out to be the most profitable ft. Eric Crittenden
23rd March 2020 • Top Traders Unplugged • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
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This week, special guest Eric Crittenden joins us on the show to discuss: the importance of being able to trade short positions, how the best Trend Following strategies have proven their worth in this current environment, why Trend Following can be regarded as a Contrarian Strategy, whether or not ETFs are safe investments, when being 1st place can be as detrimental as coming last, why the most uncomfortable trades can turn out to be the most profitable, why you can’t time entries into a Trend Following fund, how too much AUM can hinder returns, and why there is so much returns dispersion among CTAs today.



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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:50 – Macro recap from Niels

03:12 – Weekly review of performance

06:51 – Niels: How did you get to where you are today?

08:00 – Niels: What persuaded you to embrace Trend Following?

11:48 – Moritz: Do you believe Trend Following works because it’s difficult to do?

17:05 – Niels: What do you think it takes nowadays to be a successful investor?

21:38 – Niels: Do you think the speed of the current meltdown is surprising?

30:17 – Moritz: Is the Trend Following space overcrowded, and are its results decaying?

48:31 – Niels: What do you think of Trend Following on individual stocks?

52:42 – Niels: Are concerned about the stability of ETFs?

56:09 – Moritz: Do you have any concerns about the money passively allocated to ETFs?

58:30 – Moritz: Did you imply Trend Following on individual stocks isn’t worth it, after fees?

01:02:51 – Niels: Can you explain your ‘3 Narratives’, starting with ‘The Experiment’?

01:09:45 – Niels: Tell us about the next narrative, ‘The Crazy Gym’?

01:13:58  – Niels: What about the 3rd narrative, ‘Michelle & her 2 advisors’?

01:18:21  – Eric: Moritz, would you like to talk about recent trades in the energy sector?

01:29:50 – Benchmark performance update

01:31:56 – Niels: Eric is there anything else you would like to bring up in closing?

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