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Sam Perkins: The triathlete diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease
Episode 4814th October 2020 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Go back two years and Sam Perkins was training for a middle distance triathlon. Just a few years before that, Sam had caught the triathlon bug and ditched his unhealthy lifestyle. But in 2019, at the age of 37, Sam was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. He's wheelchair bound and needs a machine to help him breathe. According to statistics, there's a 50% chance that he has 5 months left to live.

Despite that, Sam maintains the most wonderful sense of humour and outlook on life and he's doing everything in his power to raise awareness of MND and help to raise vital funds for research into a cure, through the charity he has set up SAM (Stand Against Motor Neurone Disease)

You'll hear:

05:37 How Sam turned his life around after through triathlon, after being unhealthy in his 20s

14:52 Sam explains the first signs he started to notice that something wasn't quite right

37:15 Sam talks about the process of voice banking, so he can be prepared if and when the time comes that Motor Neurone Disease means he can no longer talk on his own

40:00 Sam talks about the charity, SAM (Stand Against Motor Neurone Disease) he has set up and the children's book he has written, called Lily and Sam, about a little girl Lily, whose Uncle Sam has MND. You can buy it here

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Find out more about this week's guest - Sam Perkins

Sam Perkins and Stand Against MND's fundraising page on Facebook

Sam Perkins Twitter

Stand Against MND's Fundraising Justgiving page

Sam's book - Lily and Sam on amazon

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